Andy Rodriguez is no stranger to the sales and marketing world. From his career in print and online advertising to his relentless and eager sales approach, Andy has always had the right formula for success.

Although he’s been accused of being a great affiliate marketing manager, Andy has ventured into the consultation field where he can expand and share his knowledge of affiliate marketing with the rest of the industry.

His formula for growing an affiliate marketing program is extensive and complex; combining elements of trust, ethics, industry knowledge and open communications with affiliate partners.

Andy has a total of 15 years of online experience and expertise. He started his own website development business when “online” was still being defined. Soon after, managed the regional online sales team for, moving major restaurants to the online world.

Later he went on to manage the Custom Website Development team at where he developed strategic partnerships, trained and motivated account executives on website development and online sponsorship sales across the national Knight-Ridder network of 30 portals.

He was recruited by Real Media as senior technology sales consultant covering the U.S and Latin American regions. There, he trained and motivated sales teams, developed and supervised business development, marketing, promotion and event strategies related to the company’s ad serving technology flagship product – Open AdStream.

From there Andy went on to where he resided as Online Advertising and Affiliate Program Manager. He successfully turned an under-performing program to an industry performance model, taking it from $80k to over $1.6 MM per month in under 2 years. He was voted “Affiliate Marketing Manager of the year for 2002″ for his accomplishments from the largest online affiliate marketing community, ABestWeb.

Andy’s goal has always been to lead with open communications and integrity. By combining and applying elements of trust, ethics and conviction, Andy readily shares feedback with and from his affiliate sales force, allowing him to build and develop robust, long-lasting relationships.