Hi Team,

We have a HUGE promotion that just got approved. I’ll make it short and sweet.

We just got authorization to offer our affiliates a very special offer, something we have never offered to you before – ever.

We now have a 30% OFF coupon for your site visitors.

As you may know, our best affiliate offer has been 10% – for the next 2 weeks, you have the ability to offer 30% OFF to all your site visitors. Use it on your site, drop it in an email offer, go wild and make some money. If this works for you and us, we may have the ability to extend.

Here is the 30% code: <a href=”http://www.shareasale.com/u.cfm?m=8684&u=UserID&d=97814″>Checks Unlimited – 30% OFF on online check orders</a>

** Please replace the UserID in the code above with your own ShareASale affiliate ID if you are an approved Checks Unliited affiliate. If you are not already on our program,  you will need to sign up and get approved before the code will work on your site. We will be approving new applications as quickly as they come in. You can apply to the Checks Unlimited program here.

We are also working on a little something extra for those of you that post this deal, it’s not approved yet but if you send us an email with the location of this special deal, I will let you know once it gets approved.

Have a great weekend and a very profitable rest of June !!